• Till before some years, parents used to play a major role in deciding the career for their wards. In most of the houses, children had to follow the aspirations of their parents. Even most of the parents had no vision beyond engineering and medical courses for outstanding students and Arts and Commerce for average students. As a matter of fact, neither children nor even parents of those days had so much of exposure and knowledge about the prevailing opportunities all around. But, things have changed. People are now becoming what did not even exist in the past. If automation is closing the doors for conventional job opportunities, then new ones are being created too. This article contains a beautiful list of careers in art, just find your passion and start working on it today.


  • Now the scenario is entirely changed. Various Organizations have come up in the market offering various courses and guidance as well. Gone are the days when children used to confine their careers up to limited fields. Even parents give full liberty to their children to opt for the career that interests them the best. At the same time, the myth of studying Arts by average students exists no more. This is quite unlike earlier days when there were limited options available for Arts students. Today, the faculty of Arts involves massive best career options in Arts after graduating in this stream. In the current scenario, career streams, and opportunities in Arts are endless.
  • As everybody knows including you and me that the toughest job is to select the right career path. You have to choose the best career option out of hundreds of courses in Arts while keeping in view your area of interest, future career prospects along with the external pressures and thousands of advice to choose a particular course. Besides all these challenges, most of the students don’t have the sufficient information. In this situation, some of the organizations help as a major support by providing you with the complete information on various courses. Undoubtedly, the career must be decided in accordance with the interest of the student.
  • Some of the best career options are given below, although there is much more wide scope in Arts stream also as on date.


  • Fashion designing is the most suitable course for the students having a great passion for creativity, excellent clothing choice and sense as well, a great fashion sense and a broad vision about the fashion market that keeps changing on day to day basis. The professional fashion designer has to be an intelligent person having the quality to understand the pulse of the youth and design accordingly. The course can attain you the heights of the glamour world and earn a lot of money. There are various job prospects in this field such as Fashion Coordinator, Fashion Illustrator, Fashion Designer, Fashion Stylist etc.


  • Just close your eyes and think for a while if flashing of lights, scenic beauty, capturing the pictures of places, persons or anything of your choice attract you. If the answer is yes, Photography is the right career option for you. Photography has a vast field of working starting from a professional photographer to working in the films and television. There are various courses available for this passion.


  • This is an excellent course for the aspirants having the desire to do some challenging job. This course provides the expertise in dealing with news and reporting. Today in the vibrant age, the course is of great value offering excellent career opportunities.


  • If you have liking for the animation and great imagination power, this course is the most suitable for you. There are various colleges offering these courses. A lot of job openings exist in the motion pictures also after doing this course. The major requirement in this profession is that the student should have expertise in the understanding art of drawing and designing.


  • Again this course offers a lot of job opportunities after the completion of this course. The course offers the career in media and also helps in getting the job of Radio Jockeys. The students with the dynamic voice have tremendous scope in this field.


  • Again this is the most prospering industry in the world. There is a huge demand for hotel professionals in the hotel industry. The most interesting part of this profession is that there are various departments in the hotel. You may opt the work of your choice.


  • This is again one of the most flourishing industries in our country. There are a lot of BPOs coming up in the market due to the increasing trend of globalization and offshoring services. The vacancies exist at different levels in BPOs.


  • This particular course requires the aspirants having the instinct of creativity, imagination, and taste for interior designing. This job requires an artistic kind of attitude with the creativity strength.


  • The private channels are growing rapidly in our country. Every second day, there is the opening of a new channel, new newspapers. The openings are available in various mediums of communication such as print media, digital media etc. This is a very good option for the students who have the zeal of working in the profession of reporting.


  • Being Sociologist is very noble and respectable profession. If human behavior and social issues affect you internally, this is the right kind of profession for you. Even if you are inclined towards teaching line, you can serve as a teacher of Sociologist after doing higher studies in Sociology.


  • In today’s scenario, this is the most happening course providing ample opportunities especially for the students blessed with the creative attitude. The Event Managers are in huge demand as on date as the Event Organising has become the trend these days. Whether it’s a birthday party, engagement party, social event, corporate event, marriage function- event manager has to be present and organize the show.
  • Besides the above courses, various administrative services, Govt. jobs and a lot of openings exist in the market most of the times.


  • Performing arts degrees combine creative talent with practical aspects of self-promotion and arts management. This mix of disciplines is good preparation for entering the world of performance.
  • Those who are interested in drama and theatre arts can enroll in degree and training programs that blend classroom activities with hands-on performances and productions. A program in theatre arts or drama can allow students to plan, produce and star in plays, musicals, recitals or even short films. Students can study the history of theatre and incorporate what they learn into their own acting or performances. Drama and theatre arts programs often include interdisciplinary electives in subjects like film, sociology, English and music.
  • Drama and theatre arts graduates typically enter the theatre industry and apply for work as actors, set designers, musical directors, costume designers or production managers. Drama and theatre arts majors may also choose to become theatre critics or stage managers.
  • Many different programs and career paths are available if you're interested in drama and theatre arts. can provide you with the information you need to learn about your options both on and off the stage.


Jobs directly related to your degree include:
  • • Actor
  • • Community arts worker
  • • Dancer
  • • Dramatherapist
  • • Music therapist
  • • Theatre director

Jobs where your degree would be useful include:
  • • Arts administrator
  • • Broadcast presenter
  • • Film director
  • • Further education teacher
  • • Higher education lecturer
  • • Secondary school teacher
  • • Theatre stage manager


The most common employers of performing arts graduates include:
  • • local government
  • • arts organisations
  • • education institutions
  • • the National Health Service (NHS)
  • • leisure companies
  • • voluntary organistions


  • According to the BLS, acting jobs were projected to increase just 4% from 2012-2022, while employment of directors and producers was expected to increase 3% during that time. Both figures represent slower than average growth in job opportunities. Although there is demand for workers at movie and television studios, competition should be very high because of the desirability of entertainment jobs. As of May 2013, actors earned an average hourly wage of $41.94; at the same time, producers and directors earned an average hourly wage of $43.38, per the BLS.

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