About Us

  • GLOBAL PIONEERS CONSULTANTS is the one stop solution for all your international Career needs.
    Established in 2017, the core activity lies in assisting students to make the right choice with regard to pursuing education in overseas educational institutions. We information regarding higher education in various countries such as USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Singapore, Ireland, Switzerland, France, Malaysia, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Latvia, Luthevania, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Spain and has a command over the education system world wide.
    We, as our name specifies, pioneers in the field of 'GLOBAL CAREERS' dispels all the myths usually associated with 'Study Abroad' , “Settle Aborad” and “Work Abroad”. Our excellent network with the Universities helps us to deliver our best services to our students. Many of our counselors have lot of experience in this field. Further our counselors travel abroad & have been trained by international experts to guide students professionally in selecting the right course at the ideal university.
    Our Advisors live by a strict code of ethics and a set of values that are not merely etched in stone but are woven into the very fabric of the organization.
    Our organization has a single-minded focus, to guide our clients to the best possible options, thus enabling them to build their future. Using our expertise and vast experience we can identify the most suitable career for each client. We are the stepping-stones to their future and remember that our success is directly linked to their success.

Our Misson

  • To encourage diversity, equal opportunity and allow a free flow of labour, knowledge and ideas across borders to anywhere, where merit and expertise is recognized and rewarded regardless of nationality or ethnic origin.

Why We're Unique

  • Global Pioneers Consultants is a one stop solution to all your international settlements needs & our only aim is to help you in the best possible way to achieve your dreams.
Our Specialties are
  • Choice of Universities / Colleges with lower tuition fees and hassle free admissions to colleges / universities.
  • Directors with substantial experience and background in the field of education.
  • A competent team of experienced counselors assisting students in the process of application to the representative university & their visas.
  • Focus on matching the profiles of the students with the right institution and destination. Hosting Direct Interviews from University Representatives.
  • Complete guidance for Immigration to Canada / Australia and New Zealand with latest news on Immigration changes.