Hotel Management


  • Managing a hotel comes with a range of responsibilities. You must be able to adapt to new challenges, help different departments and ensure the hotel maintains a standard of excellence. As a hotel manager, you will be responsible for overseeing and having a strong knowledge of finance, planning, service and organization. While you have a team of managers working alongside you, as hotel manager you have to lead rather than follow. You must also make sure your staff are managing their time and departments efficiently, whether that be through improving their monthly profits or simply ensuring a guest’s expectations are exceeded.
  • You must have strong attention to detail, leadership and teamwork skills. At some hotels, depending on the size and type, you may find yourself dealing with a lot more day-to-day tasks than you would at a more prestigious place. You may also have less contact with guests, but you’ll spend time monitoring the business through regular meetings.
  • Hotel management is the system involving the management of all things related to the hotel business. As a field of study it involves learning the management techniques that cover all aspects of managing a hotel business including hotel administration, marketing, housekeeping, accounts, maintenance, food management, catering, and beverage management. The goal behind learning this management system is to run a hotel properly while managing all aspects of the business.


  • Qualification for Hotel management course is minimum 10+2. So as to enroll in the Bachelor’s degree course, a candidate must get through 10+2 or equivalent examination. and to get an admission for diploma in hotel management courses or Master’s degree, a candidate needs to appear for CAT/ MAT/XAT or ATMA entrance examinations.


  • For bachelor’s degree course, the course duration is 3 years. and For Diploma or Master’s degree course, the course duration is 2 years.


  • You need a range of soft and hard skills to be a successful hotel manager. Furthermore, you also need to gain first-hand experience of the industry. Many future managers embark on internships to gain more experience, working at hotels of varying ranges, reputations and locations. This is also a great way to complement your degree.
  • The skills you need to have include communication, teamwork and organization. However, you also need to understand and appreciate the challenges every department faces. It is important you spend time working or shadowing each part of a hotel, from finance to housekeeping. This ensures that you will have the awareness and experience to assist these departments when you become a manager.


  • The hotel business offers a wide range of career opportunities. Therefore, the hotel management field provides you a large variety in terms of roles. Another advantage of choosing this field is that there is plenty of room for advancement in your field of specialization.
  • When you choose hotel management as a career line, you will be able to access career opportunities in different types and sizes of hotels. Most large hotels prefer promoting their existing employees over hiring new ones. It is often also encouraged to take up positions outside of your field of specialization to help you broaden your expertise.


  • If you are looking for a work environment that’s different from traditional ones, is interesting, and keeps you on your toes, hotel management can be the perfect career choice. When working in the hotel industry, you also get the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life including celebrities. This includes famous athletes, actors, business tycoons, and other types of celebrities from across the world.
  • Another point that makes working in the hotel business more exciting is that the daily work environment always keeps changing. You will always have something new to do. Hotel Management & the Future
  • The scope of opportunities in the hotel industry is vast. This industry is in constant need of manpower. As a hotel management graduate who is skilled, trained and confident, you can never find any dearth of opportunities. There are so many departments that contribute to different aspects of running a hotel. This also includes recreation, public relations, security, and computer applications besides the above-mentioned mainstream specializations.
  • Having a hotel management degree can help you get a lucrative entry position in food or beverage service, accounts, restaurant service, executive housekeeping, marketing, or other departments within a hotel. As the tourism industry continues to grow at an unmatched pace, there is continuous increase in demand for hotel management professionals. Thus, completing a hotel management course gives you a career opportunity that’s vast, stable and exciting. Due to the huge demand for professionals, it is also a lucrative career.

Specialized Study:
  •  Customer Service
  •  Food & Beverage Management
  •  Hospitality Enterprise
  •  Hospitality Sales & Marketing
  •  Travel Geography

Hospitality Management
  •  Information Systems
  •  Room Divisions Management
  •  Hospitality Human Resource Management

Hotel Management Courses:
  •  Certificate Course in Hospitality Management
  •  Master of Business Administration in Tourism and Hospitality Management
  •  Diploma in Hotel Management
  •  Bachelor of Business Administration in Hospitality Management
  •  Advance Diploma in Hospitality Management
  •  Dual Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management
  •  Master of Business Administration in Hospitality Management

Courses after graduation are:
  • • Master of Hotel Management
  • • MSc. Hotel Management
  • • Masters of Hotel Management and Catering Technology
  • • MSc. Airlines, Tourism and Hospitality
  • • MBA in Tourism and Hospitality
  • • Master of Science in Hotel Management
  • • Master of Business Administration in Tourism and Hotel Management
  • • Master of Philosophy in Tourism and Hotel Management
  • • Master of Science in Hospitality Administration
  • • Post Graduate Diploma in Accommodation Operation and Management
  • • Post Graduate Diploma in Dietetics and Hospital Food Service
  • • Post Graduate Diploma in Hotel Management (PGDHM)
  • • Post Graduate Diploma in Hotel Management and Catering Technology
  • • Post Graduate Diploma in Tourism and Hotel Management

Level of Degree

Having a master’s degree generally will lead to a higher salary level throughout your career. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that all workers in the US with a master’s degree in 2013 earned a $68,000 median salary, while workers with a bachelor’s degree earned a $56,000 salary. This is a $12,000 difference that can add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars over your life.

In the area of hospitality management, there are some differences based upon the level of degree earned. According to, professionals with a master’s degree in hospitality and tourism earned these average salaries:

  • • General hotel manager: $110,000
  • • Hotel sales manager: $49,000
  • • Event planner: 456,250
  • • Director of events: $94,000
  • • Marketing communications manager: $58,600
  • A professional with a bachelor’s degree in hospitality management earned these average salaries:

  • • Operations manager: $52,600
  • • Event coordinator: $38,900
  • • Event manager: $48,600
  • • Revenue manager: $53,600

Top Companies

Hotel management jobs coming from top notch hotels in India offer attractive career and growth prospects. Some of the leading hotel chains in India are as follows:

  • • Ambassador Group of Hotels
  • • Mansingh Group of Hotels
  • • Oberoi Group of Hotels
  • • Peerless Group of Hotels
  • • Sarovar Park Group of Hotels
  • • Sinclairs Group of Hotels
  • • Best Western Group of Hotels
  • • Casino Group of Hotels
  • • Clarks Group of Hotels
  • • Fortune Park Group of Hotels
  • • ITDC Group of Hotels
  • • Jaypee Group of Hotels
  • • K Raheja Group of Hotels
  • • Le Meridien Group of Hotels
  • • Taj Group of Hotels
  • • Tulip Star Group of Hotels
  • • Welcome Heritage Group of Hotels
  • • Holiday Inn Group of Hotels
  • • HRH Group of Hotels
  • • ITC Group of Hotels

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